Paint Glaze & Accessories

We have a large range of paints, glaze and tools for your Ceramic needs for sale. You are welcome to place an order by phone or make an appointment to come and see our range.  Payment can be by credit card over the phone and items despatched as soon as payment is cleared. 

PLEASE NOTE. Duncan paints and glazes have been taken over by another company. At the moment we are in transition mode to a new supplier and some products are no longer available.
General Price list of Paints, Glazes and other Ceramics goods available. Many of the Duncan paints and glazes are being discontinued and are being replaced by Mayco products. We will continue to use Duncan until stock runs out.
If only one item in a category is shown then there will be many colours in the category.
EZE Z’sVarious1 oz$9.50
CCCover Coats Various2 oz$9.50
CNConceptsVarious2 oz$9.50
OSOSVarious2 oz$7.50
UMUltra MetalicsVarious2 oz$8.00
AS964No fire snow4 oz$13.00
AS974Glittering no fire snow4 oz$13.00
SP401Quick Crackle2 oz$8.50
AS957Thin ‘n shade2 oz$7.50
AS953Brush on Sealer Gloss2 oz$7.50
AS954Brush on Sealer Matte2 oz$7.50
INEnvision GlazeVarious4 oz$12.00
CYCourtyard GlazesVarious4 oz$13.00
CR800Crackle Glaze Clear4 oz$12.50
CRCrackle Glazes ColoursVarious4 oz$14.90
SN351Satin Glaze ClearClear4 oz$7.50
SNSatin Glaze otherVarious4 oz$14.50
CRCrystal GlazesVarious4 oz$15.00
Envision Clear 4 ozClear4 oz$7.50
Envision Clear 1 PintClear1 Pint$22.00
Envision Clear GallonClear1 Gallon$80.00
SY546Fired Snow4 oz$9.50
SY 545Patch-a-tatch4 oz$9.50